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    What is appropriate for an older bride to wear?

    Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Consider vintage bridal dresses – more mature brides can carry off vintage really beautifully. Remember less is more – you’re confident and stylish enough to carry off simple silhouettes and might not need a ballgown skirt or cathedral length veil to feel like a bride. You don’t have to shy away from wearing white just because you are an older bride or even if this isn’t your first wedding. White is the traditional color for wedding dresses, and if this is what you wish, go for it!

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    Who is Jane Wilson-Marquis ?

    Jane Wilson-Marquis is a British transplant and native New Yorker of 40 years. There she studied dance, taught actors how to move and choreographed many integrated theater pieces. She began her career as a clothing designer in London, crossing the Atlantic over 20 years ago. After several successful incarnations, Jane now operates a private couturier salon specializing in fashion for the entire bridal party as well custom tailored eveningwear for her distinguished clientele. She recently started a new line, Wilson-Marquis, designing customized ready-to-wear specializing in jackets and vests. Wedding Designs: Jane Wilson-Marquis’ meticulously handcrafted custom fitted designs are unsurpassed for their timeless elegance and sumptuous details. With years of experience,…

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    Welcome to our new site for ageless brides

    Jane Wilson-Marquis and company have been designing and making gowns for over 25 years . We are known for creating “beyond Traditional “ gowns and for our collaborative approach . Clients may customize our designs or work with the designer to create the perfect outfit for this very special occasion. We are a customer centric company vested in listening to our customers ideas and offering our expertise . Whether finding the perfect fabric, color or creating the desired neckline all becomes a part of the couture process of making a gown just for you. This approach lets our customers make more of a personal statement . Whether getting married for…

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